ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS                        
GILGIL  DAY SECONDARY SCHOOL has a good  system of administration which is headed by the board of governors the parent-teachers associations usually assist the schools administration.

Then we have the school principal who performs major administrative activities while delegating others to her deputy who occupy the next rank. There are various departments to which duties are delegated from the head of the school.

Each department carries duties assigned to it by the help of teachers who belong to specific departments. Also individual teachers are assigned various duties to help in administration for ensuring control of the school and achievement of school goals.

It also has a strong body of students council elected by students and is headed by a school captain and two deputy captains who work closely with the teachers,various departments as well as principal’s and deputy principal’s offices to enhance administration.

The students are also involved in administration indirectly by constant collection of their views in various cases. The administrators work hand in hand in ensuring a smooth transition of school activities. They are always willing and ready to listen to each one’s views and opinions on the way forward.